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About Yoga Bands®

Aligning the body in harmony with breath is the core of Yoga Bands®. While adding resistance training, we can speed up recovery time and build muscle more efficiently than yoga alone.

Strengthening and Stretching simultaneous, Yoga Bands® curates safer workouts in less time. Choose the series that’s right for you.

Yoga Bands® addresses the body’s asymmetries and areas of weakness. Strengthening ligaments, tendons, and under developed musculature, we create more stability in yoga poses and all other physical activity.

We support people just beginning their road to health, whether through injuries or mobility concerns, as well as people looking for a fun, well rounded workout.

At Yoga Bands®, we are committed to bringing you products & instructional videos that you can use in the comfort of your own home, on the road, or in the great outdoors.


Why Practice Yoga with Bands?

Practicing Yoga with Yoga Bands® will allow the body to stretch deeper. Reps to build strength or offer light resistance, contracts the muscles. This refractory period after contraction is known as ‘autogenic inhibition’. The muscles then relax due to a neuro-reflexive mechanism, and increase muscle length for a deeper stretch.

Yoga Bands® will strengthen and stretch the larger muscles of the body, and activate smaller muscle groups for added stability in the hips, shoulders and other joints, as well as increase Range of Motion. Yoga Bands® will add years to your active lifestyle.

Yoga Bands® therapeutic exercise, focuses on connecting your movement with your breath. Paramount for a safe and effective workout, following the recommended breathing exercises will allow your body to stretch deeper and create a practice of mindfulness. When we release old holding patterns within the body, the mind or the emotions, we can create more freedom, ease and joy.

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Yoga Bands: Core Values

Yoga is like ice cream, there are a dozens and dozens of flavors, styles, subtleties and complexities.  At Yoga Bands, we aim to keep it simple. Here are our company values:

Lead with the Breath

Conscious awareness of the breath, in connection with movement, brings us into the present moment.  Nothing feels better than that!

Integration of the senses

We aim to weave into live classes a multitude of sensory experiences: from aromatherapy, mindful teacher adjustments, self-therapeutic touch, & tasteful tunes.

We also delve into the more subtle senses.  There are 14 other senses that humans have known brain receptors for, such as: the sense of proprioception, balance, magnetic orientation, atmospheric pressure, airborne ionic changes, UV, sense of wet, dry and a few others.

And maybe more importantly, our Intuition or our 6th sense is fostered and developed through these yoga practices. 

Self Love, Self Care

Following a balanced diet, cardiovascular exercise and Yoga Bands self care techniques, will allow you have a stronger and more supple body.  The strength and flexibility gained from a healthy body will hopefully effect the emotions, mind and spirit in a beneficial way.  

Detox is also an important component if you are new to yoga.  Purifying the body, taking time away from cell phones, technology and spending time in nature, can help recalibrate our systems.

At YogaBands we practice Metta – loving kindness and compassion for all beings.  Treating everyone with kindness and respect begins with yourself.  

A Passion for Play

When we are engaged in a practice of play, we revert back to our natural state.  When our brains come into this Alpha wavelength, we can be literally out of our minds and in our JOY!

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